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Makers Summit

This post is far past due. . . but I would still like to share my experience. (And life has just been happening too fast for me recently to reflect with posts).

February 2nd Greenville hosted it’s first “Makers Summit” organized by Erin Godbey, Elizabeth Ramos, and Jenny Moroe. This was a waterfall of helpful information in a delightful presentation! I couldn’t have been more thankful that I attended.

I love making art and craft, but am a beginner to marketing and developing a community for my art and inspiration. The Makers Summit gave me courage to think big about my business goals, and showed me very practical steps for achieving them.

our lecture hall was located at Zen

The attendees were able to listen and interact with many experienced individuals. Stephen Fraser, founder of Spoonflower; Kimm Alfonso, manager for etsy community outreach teams, and Grace Kang, president of Retail Recipes gave stories and tips from their personal experiences and expertise.

We were allowed ten-minute personal interviews with three experts in specific areas of art & craft business. I learned about budgeting and taxes. What a good idea to have a separate checking account for my business. I can then tract my expenses easily for tax deduction, and see if I am making any profit! I also talked to one expert about branding and logos. Now . . . it seems obvious that the artist/maker IS the brand! People want to know the thoughts and personality of the maker. That becomes the personality of the brand rather than starting with a  logo or  particular look. One expert talked about approaching shop owners and editors about products! Most gallerists and editors are very busy people. Therefore it is considerate to first approach them with an email introduction and short pitch of the product including a large photo of the product. All of the experts there were good listeners and eager to help direct us.

group discussions let us ask questions of our peers

There was amble time to mingle with fellow artists, designers, and crafters in-between lectures, group discussions, and panels. We also enjoyed a delicious lunch and coffee break.


So. . . now it’s time for me to put this into practice! . . . and time for you to plan to attend the next one!