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Felting process for Indie Craft Parade pieces

So- this is it. The magical process of felting. This most ancient of textiles originated in Asia and Europe. It is still integral to the lives of Asian nomads, since it provides them with both clothing and shelter.

My creations are not integral to my survival, but still let me explore the wonderful sculptural and decorative qualities the nomads employ as well. Though wool (mostly from sheep) is soft and pulls apart easily, felted wool can become an amazingly strong textile in a relatively short period of time. Combine warm water, a fat (or soap), and pressure/friction to layers of wool and it will shrink down or around an object until it is so tightly interlocked that I have to use scissors to take the fibers apart! Pretty fascinating!

These pieces are beginnings of some wall hangings I’m doing for the Indie Craft Parade, which opens two weeks from today!

Here is a sneak peek of my show work:



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